West Palm Beach IT Services Can Identify Hacking Trends and Assist Security

West Palm Beach IT Services Can Identify Hacking Trends and Assist Security

Not Even the Phones Are Safe

West Palm Beach IT services have to retain cutting-edge development and innovation in order to keep up with technology that’s continuously expanding. However, that doesn't mean the newest tech is always the most vulnerable. Hacking vulnerabilities transition as certain things become more mainstream and others begin to fall by the wayside. A great example is phones. There are many companies that are quickly getting beyond conventional phone services. They'll go to something like VoIP. Still, hackers can break into your phone system and cost you thousands of dollars.

Examining the Voicemail Scam

Usually, businesses and even residential voicemail systems will be targeted during the holidays or on weekends, when it'll be less noticeable should some phone in a neglected office start ringing off the hook.

Here's what the hacker does: first, this individual finds a company with a large voicemail network. If you've got a voicemail, you're at risk. Many networks have a password that's required to access messages. The larger the business, the more "open" numbers there will be. That is: people who have been fired or moved to another phone number/position. Sometimes, their voicemail remains unattended enough that a hacker can sneak in there and change the password. This wouldn't be possible, except that passwords in neglected voicemail accounts, or those that have yet to be set up, are often very basic; something like 1234 or 1111. So, the hacker breaks in and changes the voicemail to something like: "Yes, yes, okay? Yes! Yeah! Ya! Okay! Yes! I accept the charges. I. Accept. The. Charges." They make it sound like someone who is frustrated with the robot/call-center network he's dealing with trying to get a call through. Whether automated or manned, the system will, in many cases, append charges for the call from that point on--- and it's a call that's usually of the international variety. Charges are sent to the company who has this hacked message in their voicemail box. Basically, the hacker places a collect call internationally, the automated system/operator hears the message, and suddenly, the hacker has unlimited talking time… and they use it!

Features Characterizing IT Services Companies

The right West Palm Beach IT services can help you secure your network with things like password protocols. Through measures like these, threats from such clever and exploitative hackers become less dire. Common protective security methods include:

  • Transitioning Default Passwords Regularly
  • Initiating Complex Voicemail Password Solutions (6+ Digits)
  • Refraining from Obvious Passwords (Address/Birthday/etc.)
  • Ensuring Clients Check Recorded Announcement Regularly
  • International Calls Being Closely Screened
  • Disabling of At-Risk Features: Auto-Attendant, Remote Notification, Call-Forwarding, Out-Paging
  • Checking with Voicemail Provider for Any Other Precautions Worth Noting

With innovations like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), some techniques of hackers become outmoded. Still, there are certainly situations even with new technology where weaknesses will be exploited. The best thing to do is work with a West Palm Beach IT services provider that continuously updates their services provision. This ensures they remain cutting-edge and abreast of negative hacking trends, as have been characterized here. We at Nexxen Technologies protect businesses against scams like this and counteract them. We also protect against other variations of the same kind of subtle trickery. Contact us for top-tier support.