Is Your IT Services Plan Giving You a Lot of Confusion in West Palm Beach?

Is Your IT Services Plan Giving You a Lot of Confusion in West Palm Beach?

If you find yourself trapped in a contract with a West Palm Beach IT services provider that you can't get out of, don't feel too bad. Getting out of it and switching to another managed services provider could be worse. Be careful of those providers who sneak in hidden fees on top of initial upfront fees. Here are points to remember when researching IT service plans.

Hidden Fees

Many managed services providers are only in business to make money and do not provide adequate IT services. It's important for every business to justify their technology expenses beyond the fact that it's a necessary investment. Part of your responsibility in choosing the best West Palm Beach IT services provider is making sure they aren't overcharging customers. 

Study your bills and make sure you understand every charge. If it's a flat-fee billing agreement ask yourself are you getting the benefit of extra time from your IT provider? Is your consultant sharing valuable information with you that can resolve financial issues? Make sure your consultant isn't adding fees on top of set fees. 

Break-fix Managed Services

Some computer consultants promote fixed-fee managed services, when in their heart and soul they are actually "break-fix" providers. Meaning, they charge by the hour in addition to other fees. Be careful of contracts that give exemptions in what they call "unlimited services." Many times this confusing wording indicates that monthly fixed fees will increase. 

The problem with break-fix providers is once they get away with charging you extra fees and you become comfortable with your relationship, they may continue to overcharge you for years. These costs add up over time and can slow down the company's growth. It's best to analyze budgets without emotion and figure out the most efficient way to operate. You can save quite a bit of money if you look for a more flexible solution. 

Fixed-Fee Managed Services

This confusion may not be corrected unless the consumer is alert enough to catch it. When an order includes unlimited services, it could either mean billable or non-billable, although the system will likely treat it as billable. You can sidestep all of this confusion by finding an IT services firm in West Palm Beach that offers a genuine fixed-fee agreement. The best ways to make a fix-fee agreement work for both parties include these tips:

  • Make sure the scope of work is well-defined
  • Avoid pricing based on volume
  • Track hours to see that they correspond with fees
  • Don't mix up fixed fees with capped fees
  • Be aware that sometimes flat fees are ineffective

Fixed-fee agreements work well for startups and companies testing new services. Since a fixed-fee contract does not depend on the amount of resources or time used, it favors time-consuming projects from the buyer's perspective. Another advantage is that fixed-price items can help managers get a clear picture on inventory value. These agreements work best when costs are determined in advance. 


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