Does Your Current IT Support Agreement in Palm Beach Have an Escape Hatch?

Does Your Current IT Support Agreement in Palm Beach Have an Escape Hatch?

Do you know the difference between a good and a bad IT support provider in Palm Beach? If the answer to this question is “no,” then you may already have signed a contract with a less-than-ideal company. The fact is, the majority of bad IT support providers just want to achieve one thing -- to lock their customers into a long-term agreement to ensure they have a consistent income. This means that even if they make a mistake or are unable to deliver the level of services expected of them, their customers are unable to get rid of them.

Is Your IT Service Provider Meeting Expectations?

Consider your existing IT service provider. Are they prompt when you have an issue or problem that needs a resolution? Do they offer a wide array of services that are constantly evolving and improving? Are they easy to reach at critical times? If you answered “no” to any of these, then it is likely time to begin thinking about changing service providers.

While there is often a fee to get out of a bad contract early, it is usually worth it just to pay. After all, if you aren’t receiving the agreed upon services, there is no reason to continue using the company. Before paying this termination fee, make sure to carefully read the contract you originally signed. There is often an “escape clause” present that allows you to terminate the service and avoid the termination fee.

The goal of getting out of the contract is to find an IT support provider in Palm Beach that is willing to hold up their end of the contract. This means the company does the following:

  • Provide a prompt and timely response to calls and problems
  • Offer a flat rate for all-inclusive services
  • Clearly outline what they cover and don’t cover in their flat rate
  • Don’t promise you the moon and stars and then fail to deliver

It is easy to find your business stuck in one of these sub-par contracts. However, if you are in this situation, it doesn’t mean you just have to “grin and bear it.” There are options and quality companies out there ready to provide your business with the IT tech support services you need.

Finding a New Service Provider

If you are ready to change your service provider, you need to begin considering all the IT support options in the local area. In most cases, if your business lets these companies know you are “on the hunt,” any quality company is going to come to you with a proposal. This can help you compare options and find one that best suits the needs of your business.

If you are still on the fence and want to know for sure that the new IT support provider in Palm Beach you choose is going to deliver its promises, then contact our team at Nexxen Tech. We take pride in offering our IT support customers an escape hatch out of our managed service agreements. This ensures we remain focused on providing superior IT services to each of our clients. The good news is, no one has found a reason to escape our contract yet because we always remain true to our word.